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Webwork for US NAVY


While enlisted in the US NAVY I discovered HTML while serving aboard the USS Independence. Created and maintained several navy websites, these sites are no longer active:
USS Independence (CV-62) retired
The first site I every created. While serving aboard the USS Independence as a Sailor & Journalist I learned HTML first by taking apart and The - the web was much simpler in 1997. Digital cameras for consumers were hundreds of dollars, the size of a brick and has less quality than a camera phone today. Armed with one of these bricks I set out to capture daily life aboard the Indy and created The Indy Notepad; it quickly became a popular tool for family and friends of the Indy to check in on their Sailor.

Fifth Fleet
While stationed in Bahrain I was allowed to create the Fifth Fleet's first command website.

Comander, Navy Region Northeast
While stationed in Groton, CT at the New London Submarine base within the public affairs department I redesigned and put online a new site for Navy Region Northeast.

Subase Navy New London
While stationed in Groton I also redesigned the website for the Subase.
-- some portions of these site may not work properly yet... they are in the process of being reformatted.
FYI: SCREEN SIZES were much smaller back then.
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