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Information Regarding the Independence Decommissioning Ceremony


On behalf of the more than 4,500 Sailors serving on board INDEPENDENCE, welcome aboard "Freedom's Flagship!"

USS INDEPENDENCE is the United States Navy's only forward deployed aircraft carrier and Flagship for Battle Force SEVENTH Fleet at Fleet Activities, Yokosuka Japan.

USS Independence (CV 62)A mobile airfield that's able to travel more than 500 miles in a day, INDEPENDENCE is also a completely self-contained city with aircraft repair centers, electric and steam power plants, medical and dental facilities and even radio and television stations. The more than 70 aircraft of Carrier Air Wing FIVE provide INDEPENDENCE with awesome striking power and tactical flexibility, making her one of the most powerful weapons systems in the world today.

What we hope you remember most after your "visit" is that it takes trained people with exceptional skills to bring this mass of steel to life. Young, dedicated, hardworking Sailors are Indy's lifeblood. They have volunteered to serve their country, and they are proud of their ship and proud of the role they play in the United States Navy.

It is a pleasure to have you aboard. Enjoy your "visit."

CAPT Mark R. Milliken
Commanding Officer



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